Lecture Notes in Operations Research 12

Series Editors: Ding-Zhu Du and Xiang-Sun Zhang

Operations Research and Its Applications

The Ninth International Symposium, ISORA'10
Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou, China, August 19-23, 2010

ISBN 978-7-5100-2406-1/O819

Edited by: Xiang-Sun Zhang, De-Gang Liu, Ling-Yun Wu and Yong Wang



Sequential Approximate Multiobjective Optimization using Computational Intelligence
Hirotaka Nakayama

Composition Vector Method for Phylogenetics --- A Review
Raymond H. Chan, Roger Wei Wang, Hau Man Yeung

Evaluating the Risk of Urban Redevelopment Viewed as a Social Decision Process
Saburo Saito, Mamoru Imanishi

Three Kinds of Replacement Models Combined with Additive and Independent Damages
Xu-Feng Zhao, Mingchih Chen, Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Policies for a Generational Garbage Collector with Tenuring Threshold
Xu-Feng Zhao, Syouji Nakamura, Cun-Hua Qian

Generalized Algorithm of Tchebyshev Scalarization for Set-Valued Maps
Bing-Jiang Zhang

An Increasing-Mapping Approach to Integer Programming Based on Lexicographic Ordering and Linear Programming
Chuangyin Dang

Value Chain Management Based on Open Innovation Strategy
Yuanzhi Chen

Valuation of Derivative on Asset with Network Price Externality Effects
Yoshio Tabata, Hiroyasu Akakabe

$E$-Convexity of the Optimal Value Function in Parametric Nonlinear Programming
Yu-Lan Liu, Hu-Nan Li

Cone Quasi-convexity of Set-Valued Mappings in Topological Vector Spaces
Hu-Nan Li, Yu-Lan Liu

Models and Algorithms for the Constrained Orienteering Problem
Zhenping Li, Rui-Sheng Wang, Hong-Wei Liu, Wenfeng Zhou

Leave-One-Out Bound for Crammer-Singer Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Yan-Mei Zhao, Zhi-Xia Yang

A Full-Newton Step Infeasible Interior-Point Algorithm for Linear Programming Based on a Special Self-Regular Proximity
Zhong-Yi Liu, Yue Chen

A Study on Analyzing the Grid Road Network Patterns using Relative Neighborhood Graph
Daisuke Watanabe

Tractability and Intractability of Problems on Unit Disk Graphs Parameterized by Domain Area
Hiro Ito, Masakazu Kadoshita

New Method for Basic Road Network Programming
Xin-Wei Lu, Xiao Hu, Qun-Qi Wu

Two-stage Model of Vehicle Routing Problem with Fuzzy Demands and its Ant Colony System Algorithm
Yanwen Dong, Masatoshi Kitaoka

Shift-and-Merge Technique for the DP Solution of the Backpacker Problem
Byungjun You, Takeo Yamada

Approximation Algorithms for the Multiply Constrained Assignment Problem
Daisuke Yokoya, Takeo Yamada

Multiple Instance Learning via Multiple Kernel Learning
Bing Yang, Qian Li, Ling Jing, Ling Zhen

A Resource Allocation Mode Based on DEA Models and Elasticity Analysis
Qia Wang, Jin-Chuan Cui

Modeling Risk Control Problems in VE under Complicated Situations and Its Solution Method
Min Huang, Yanli Huo, Chunhui Xu, Xingwei Wang

Constant Time Generation of Trees with Degree Bounds
Bingbing Zhuang, Hiroshi Nagamochi

A Public Patentee's Technology Transfer under a Leadership Structure
Takeshi Ebina, Shin Kishimoto

Staffing Model for Scheduling Simultaneous Interpreters under Tight Constraints
Sydney C.K. Chu

Optimal Stopping Rules of Discrete-Time Callable Financial Commodities with Two Stopping Boundaries
Kimitoshi Sato, Katsushige Sawaki, Hiroyuki Wakinaga

A Linear Time Algorithm for Edge Searching on 3-Cycle-Disjoint Graphs
Boting Yang, Runtao Zhang, Yi Cao

Structural Properties for Job Shop Scheduling with Setups in a Local Search Environment
Udo Buscher, Liji Shen

Equivalence between Generalized Saddle Point and Sun-point
Jin-Shan Li, Jia-Rong Gao, Yu-Ying Zhao

A Solution Method for Manpower Scheduling Problems by RCPSP/$\tau $
Masanori Horio, Atsuo Suzuki

Determining Storage Locations and Capacities for Emergency Response
Jianming Zhu, Degang Liu, Jun Huang, Jiye Han

Global Convergence of the Non-Quasi-Newton Method with Non-Monotone Line Search for Unconstrained Optimization Problem
Hong-Wei Liu

Optimum Design of Storage Cycle Time Analysis using Queueing Theory and Taguchi Method for a Conveyor and a Rotary Rac
Masatoshi Kitaoka, Hitoshi Takeda, Rui Nakamaura, Yanwen Dong

An Optimal Investment Policy in Equity-Debt Financed Firms with Finite Maturities
Kyoko Yagi, Ryuta Takashima, Katsushige Sawaki

Callable Russian Options with the Finite Maturity
Atsuo Suzuki, Katsushige Sawaki

A Row-and-Column Generation Method to a Batch Machine Scheduling Problem
Gongshu Wang, Lixin Tang

Community Extraction in Hypergraphs Based on Adjacent Numbers
Hiroyuki Miyagawa, Maiko Shigeno, Satoshi Takahashi, Mingchao Zhang

Survey on the Variations and Applications of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Jie Zhang

A Maximal Covering Model for Helicopter Emergency Medical Systems
Takehiro Furuta, Ken-ichi Tanaka

Locating Flow Capturing Facilities on A Railway Network with Two Levels of Coverage
Ken-ichi Tanaka, Takehiro Furuta

Effect of Ambulance Station Locations and Number of Ambulances to the Quality of the Emergency Service
Keisuke Inakawa, Takehiro Furuta, Atsuo Suzuki

Polyhedral Split Decomposition of Tropical Polytopes for Directed Distances
Shungo Koichi

Management of Storage Devices and File Formats in Web Archive Systems
Hiroyuki Kawano

A New Descriptor for 3D Trajectory Recognition
J. Y. Yang, Y. F. Li

Performance Analysis of Sensor Nodes in a WSN With Sleep/Wakeup Protocol
Wuyi Yue, Qingtian Sun, Shunfu Jin

Nonlinear Dynamics in COMEX Gold Futures Basis: LSTAR-EGARCH
Chong Chen, Shan-Ying Xu

A New Approach for Scheduling Problem in Multi-Hop Sensor Networks
Takamori Ukai, Mihiro Sasaki, Fumio Ishizaki, Atsuo Suzuki

Analysis of Toll Setting for Japanese Highway Networks Based on Social Optimization
Yudai Honma, Atsushi Hamada

Equitable $\Delta $-Coloring of Planar Graphs without 4-cycles
Xiang Tan

Decision Support System for Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Karol Przystalski, Leszek Nowak, Maciej Ogorza{\l }ek, Grzegorz Sur\'{o}wka

Mathematical Model and Solving Method Based on Software for the Shortest Time Limited Transportation Problem
Zhenping Li, Qingyun Xu, Na Li, Yuanyuan Ma

An Optimization Model for Fuzzy Binary Clustering
Xianwen Ren, Yong Wang, Jiguang Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Multiple Instance Twin Support Vector Machines
Yuan-Hai Shao, Zhi-Xia Yang, Xiao-Bo Wang, Nai-Yang Deng

Factors to Determine the Length of Staying Time of Consumer Shop-around (Kaiyu) at City Center
Saburo Saito, Kosuke Yamashiro, Mamoru Imanishi, Takanori Sakaki, Yasufumi Igarashi, Masakuni Kakoi

Comparing Total Time Allocation to Travel to Daily Shopping Sites in Shanghai and Beijing
Saburo Saito, Masakuni Iwami, Xiaonan Chu

Feature Selection in Multi-instance Learning
Chun-Hua Zhang, Jun-Yan Tan, Nai-Yang Deng

Proposition of New Network DEA Models Based on the Unified DEA Model
Tohru Ueda, Hirofumi Amatatsu

Analysis of Two-server Queues with a Variant Vacation Policy
Dequan Yue, Wuyi Yue, Ruiling Tian

On Resolution Limit of the Modularity in Community Detection
Junhua Zhang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Little's Formula and Parking Space Policy Viewed from Consumers' Parking Behaviors at City Center Retail Environment
Saburo Saito, Takahiro Sato, Kosuke Yamashiro

Perfect Sorting by Reversals and Deletions/Insertions
Hong-Yu Chen, Xiang Tan, Guo-Jun Li

DEA with Weight Constraints for Evaluation of Work Safety Supervision
Ji-Bin Qu, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiaoping Liao, Yushu Xie, Bingxue Song, Guiying Yan

Optimal Production-Inventory Policy under Energy Buy-Back Program
Xiao-Song Ding, Ji-Hong Zhang, Xi Chen, Wei Shi

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