Lecture Notes in Operations Research 8

Series Editors: Ding-Zhu Du and Xiang-Sun Zhang

Operations Research and Its Applications

The Seventh International Symposium, ISORA'08
Lijiang, China, October 31-November 3, 2008

ISBN 978-7-5062-9288-7/O638

Edited by: Xiang-Sun Zhang, De-Gang Liu and Yong Wang



Nonlinear Optimization Subject to a System of Fuzzy Relational Equations with Max-min Composition
Pingke Li, Shu-Cherng Fang, Xingzhou Zhang

Problem Solving by General Purpose Solvers
Toshihide Ibaraki

Development of a Decision Support Tool for Supply Network Planning: A Case Study from the Chemical Industry
Martin Grunow, Hans-Otto Gunther

Optimal Control Policy for Stochastic Inventory Systems with Multiple Types of Reverse Flows
Sean X. Zhou, Zhijie Tao, Xiuli Chao

Australian Dollars Exchange Rate and Gold Prices: An Interval Method Analysis
Ai Han, Shanying Xu, Shouyang Wang

Approximation Algorithm of Minimizing Makespan in Parallel Bounded Batch Scheduling
Jianfeng Ren, Yuzhong Zhang, Sun Guo

The Monitoring of the Network Traffic based on Queuing Theory
Jian-Ping Wang, Yong Huang

An Approximation Solution to the ELS Model for Perishable Inventory with Backlogging
Qingguo Bai, Jianteng Xu, Yuzhong Zhang

Minimizing the Total Late Work on an Unbounded Batch Machine
Jianfeng Ren, Yuzhong Zhang, Sun Guo

Quadratic Programming for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Ping Ji, Hongtao Wu, Yongzhong Wu

Study on Winning Probabilities of Two-versus-Two Stochastic Duel with Searching
Kai Nie, Zhong Liu

Departure Processes of a Tandem Network
Zhaotong Lian, Ning Zhao, Liming Liu

A Novel Prediction Method for Stock Index Applying Grey Theory and Neural Networks
Yan Shen

A Primal-Dual Interior-Point Filter Method for Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming
Zhong-Yi Liu, Wen-Yu Sun

The Equilibrium Equivalent Representation for Variational Inequalities Problems with Its Application in Mixed Traffic Flows
Baibai Fu, Ziyou Gao

A Case Study of Optimal Ambulance Location Problems
Hozumi Morohosi

A Note on Mixed Set Programming
Jianyang Zhou

Risk Management Analyses on Measuring the Robustness of the Water Supply Network System in Tokyo
Fithriyah, Hiroshi Ashida, Hozumi Morohosi, Tatsuo Oyama

Characterizing the Hierarchy of Road Network and its Landscape Effect with Graph Theory
Shiliang Liu, Yuhong Dong

Coordinated Pricing and Inventory in A System with Minimum and Maximum Production Constraints
Juliang Zhang, Yi Li

Computing Lower Bounds for Steiner Trees in Road Network Design
Justus Schwartz, Jug Stuckelberger

Approximate Maximum Edge Coloring Within Factor 2: a Further Analysis
Wangsen Feng, Ping Chen, Bei Zhang

Analysis of a Machine Repair System with Warm Spares and N-Policy Vacations
Dequan Yue, Wuyi Yue, Honhjuan Qi

Improving Supplier's Performance Using Common Replenishment Epochs in a Vendor-Managed Inventory System
Juhwen Hwang, Su-Hwa Wu, Yu-Yen Huang

Heuristic Algorithms for the Fixed-Charge Multiple Knapsack Problem
Byungjun You, Takeo Yamada

On Minimizing the Numbers of ADMs-- Better Bounds for an Algorithm with Preprocessing
Su-Xia Cui, Ji-Guo Yu, Bao-Xiang Cao

Selecting Journals of University Library to Stop Subscription by OR/MS Approach
Atsuo Suzuki, Masanori Fushimi, Masaki Nishio

Retrial Queues with Limited Number of Retrials: Numerical Investigations
Yang Woo Shin, Dug Hee Moon

Districting Problem for Several Emergency Service Units and Evaluation of Districts
Keisuke Inakawa, Atsuo Suzuki

A Cointegration Analysis of the Relationships among Tax Revenue and Macroeconomic Factors in China
Meng-Yao Zhang, Jin-Chuan Cui

Application to a University Course Timetabling Problem by a General Project Scheduler
Masanori Horio, Atsuo Suzuki

Coordinating Multi-Period Capacity Allocation and Order Scheduling via Optimization and Simulation
Shao-ju Lee, Ming-Hsuang Lee

A Continuous-time Inventory Model with Procurement from Spot Market
Kimitoshi Sato, Katsushige Sawaki

A Tabu Search Based Algorithm for Cargo Loading Problem
Li Pan, Joshua Z. Huang, Sydney C.K. Chu

A Dynamic Lot Size Model for Seasonal Products with Shipment Scheduling
Hiroyuki Wakinaga, Katsushige Sawaki

A Randomized Distributed Algorithm for Total Scheduling Problem
Lan Xiao, Guiying Yan, Wei Ren, Xu Li

Reputation-based Contents Crawling in Web Archiving System
Hiroyuki Kawano

Acyclic Edge Colorings of Planar Graphs Without Short Cycles
Xiang-Yong Sun, Jian-Liang Wu

Improved Model and Algorithm for Determining Correlation of Trend Sequences
Yin Chen

GIS-based Solution of Vehicle Scheduling and Routing Problems in Day-care Center
Hiroyuki Kawano, Masahiro Kokai, Wuyi Yue

Scheduling Jobs on a Single Machine with Inventory Operations
Bao-Qiang Fan,Guo-Chun Tang, Shu-Xia Zhang

Design and Implementation of a Network Emulator using Virtual Network Stack
Yusuke Sugiyama, Kunio Goto

Analysis of a Geom/G/1 Queue with General Limited Service and MAVs
Zhanyou Ma, Wuyi Yue, Naishuo Tian

A Perturbation-Guided Oscillation Strategy for the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem with Generalized Upper Bound Constraints
Vincent Chiwei Li

Global Optimality Conditions for Optimization Problems
Zhiyou Wu

A Purchasing Decision Support System for a Rental Company
Ruohui Yang, Peter Cowling, Keshav Dahal, Victoria Horsfield

Resources Allocation Problem for Local Reserve Depots in Disaster Management Based on Scenario Analysis
Jianming Zhu, Jun Huang, Degang Liu, Jiye Han

A Modified Pattern Search Approach for Unconstrained Optimization Problem
Xin-Wei Lu, Fu-Li Rong

Medical Treatment Capability Analysis using Queuing Theory in a Biochemical Terrorist Attack
Juyun Wang, Hua Yu, Jianyu Luo, Jie Sui

A Hybrid Metaheuristic for the Lot Streaming Problem in Job Shops
Udo Buscher, Liji Shen

Multilocus Analysis of Case-control Data to Schizophrenia Based on Measures of Information Discrepancy
Junhua Zhang, Weihua Yue, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Improvement of Demand Forecasting Accuracy: A Method Based on Region-Division
Guoshan Liu, Yuanyuan Lu

Optimal Configurations of Cell Automata to Generate Test Stimuli for VLSI
Masanori Fushimi, Tohru Hadano

Disjoint Multi-linear Optimization in Imprecise Decision Analysis
Xiaosong Ding, Jihong Zhang

The application of fuzzy programming to the aggregate production planning-markdown pricing problem
Wenyun Zhu

Traffic Jamming in Disordered Flow Distribution Networks
Bing Wang, Kazuyuki Aihara, Luonan Chen

An Arbitrary Starting Simplicial Algorithm for Constructively Proving Tarskií»s Fixed Point Theorem on an n-dimensional Box
Chuangyin Dang

A Method of Designing Energy Tax Rate Based On Game Theory
Ying Li, Jin-Chuan Cui

Determining Arc Segment Significance in Two Idealized Road Networks
Mingzhe Li, Justin Yates

On Integrated Convex Optimization in Normed Linear Space
Jinshan Li, Xiang-Sun Zhang

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