Lecture Notes in Operations Research 6

Series Editors: Ding-Zhu Du and Xiang-Sun Zhang

Operations Research and Its Applications

The Sixth International Symposium, ISORA'06
Xinjiang, China, August 8-12, 2006

ISBN 978-7-5062-7298-9/O560

Edited by: Xiang-Sun Zhang, De-Gang Liu and Ling-Yun Wu



Newsvendor Bounds and Heuristics for Optimal Policy of Serial Supply Chains with and without Expedited Shippings
Xiuli Chao, Sean X. Zhou

Applying Network Flow Optimization Techniques for Measuring the Robustness of Water Supply Network System in Tokyo
Hiroshi Ashida, Hozumi Morohoshi, Tatsuo Oyama

Network Dimensioning Problems of Applying Achievement Functions
Chia-Hung Wang, Hsing Luh

An Algorithmic Solution for the Stationary Distribution of M/M/c/K Retrial Queue
Yang Woo Shin, Dug Hee Moon

Global Logistics Road Planning: A Genetic Algorithm Approach
Yue Wu

Stochastic Optimal Control Problems with a Bounded Memory
Mou-Hsiung Chang, Tao Pang, Moustapha Pemy

Dual Scaling Using Mathematical Programming and Its Application
Tohru Ueda

A Solution Method for the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP)
P. Ji, Yongzhong Wu, Haozhao Liu

An Improved Algorithm for the Bilateral Assignment Problem
Veerayuth Nomsiri, Takeo Yamada

Performance Analysis of anM/M/c/N Queueing System with Balking, Reneging and Synchronous Vacations of Partial Servers
Dequan Yue, Wuyi Yue, Yanping Sun

Topological and Optimization Modeling for Internet Data of Online Auction Markets
Sydney C. K. Chu, James K. Ho

Simulation of Container Queues for Port Investment Decisions
Mohammad Ali Alattar, Bilavari Karkare, Neela Rajhans

Two Interval Parameter Fuzzy Programming Models for Petroleum Solid Waste Management
Zhe Su, Boting Yang, Gordon Huang

A New Arbitrary Starting Simplicial Algorithm for Computing an Integer Point of an n-Dimensional Simplex
Chuangyin Dang

An Optimal Bound for Sum of Square Roots of Special Type of Integers
Jianbo Qian, Cao An Wang

An Educational System Based on the Questionnaire Proposed by the Students: Construction and Practical Usage
Nobuo Umemura, Toshiharu Hasegawa

Ranking DEA Efficient Units with the Most Compromising Common Weights
Fuh-Hwa Franklin Liu, Hao-Hsuan Peng, Hong-Wei Chang

Optimal Investment Policy for Real Option Problems with Regime Switching
Naoki Makimoto

A Stochastic Inventory Placement Model for a Multi-echelon Seasonal Product Supply Chain with Multiple Retailers
Ji-Hong Zhang, Jian Chen, Yu-Nan Wu, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Scheduling with Discretely Compressible Processing Times to Minimize Makespan
Shu-Xia Zhang, Zhi-Gang Cao, Yu-Zhong Zhang

Dynamic Lot-Sizing ModelWith a Class of Multi-Breakpoint Discount Cost Structures
Yu-Zhong Zhang, Jianteng Xu, Qingguo Bai

The Branch and Bound Algorithm for Solving a Sort of Non-smooth Programming on Simplex
Zai-En Hou, Fu-Jian Duan

Shortest Path Problems for Ambulances in Case of Severe Earthquakes
Rumi Umitsu, Masanori Fushimi

Some Results on the Classification for f-colored Graphs
Jiguo Yu, Lihua Han, Guizhen Liu

E-Bayesian Method to Estimate Failure Rate
Ming Han

Fuzzy Optimization Models for Quality and Cost of Software Systems Based on COTS
Xueshi Shen, Yingwu Chen, Lining Xing

P2P Contents Distribution System with Routing and Trust Management
Hiroyuki Kawano

A Robust Collaborative Optimization Method Under Multidisciplinary Uncertainty
Huihui Liu, Wenhui Fan

Some Results on Fractional Covered Graphs
Jiguo Yu, Na Wang, Baoxiang Cao

Leadership in Virtual Teams
Amin Kaboli, Mojtaba Tabari, Elham Kaboli

An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Disjoint 2-Catalog Segmentation Problem
Houchun Zhou, Dexue Zhang

A Symbolic Analysis Method of Communication Set Generation for Irregular Array Reference
Zhen Liu, Minyi Guo

An Optimization Model for Achieving Sparsity of Gene Regulatory Networks
Jinshan Li, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Faster Genetic Algorithm for Network Paths
Yinzhen Li, Ruichun He, Yaohuang Guo

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