Lecture Notes in Operations Research 14

Series Editors: Ding-Zhu Du and Xiang-Sun Zhang

Operations Research and Its Applications

The Tenth International Symposium on Operations Research and Its Applications (ISORA2011)
Dunhuang, China, August 28-31, 2011

Edited by: Xiang-Sun Zhang, De-Gang Liu, Ling-Yun Wu, and Yong Wang



Subordinated Gaussian Processes, The Log-Return Principles
Stergios B. Fotopoulos, Yu-Xing Luo

On Two Issues of Molecular Network Models in Systems Biology - A Review
Katsuhisa Horimoto

Applying Mathematical Programming Food Supply Model for Improving Japan's Food Self-Sufficiency Ratio
Kunihisa Yoshii, Tatsuo Oyama

Partitioning Trees with Supply, Demand and Edge-Capacity
Masaki Kawabata, Takao Nishizeki

Application of Post-Optimality Analysis in Process Engineering
Abdallah Al-Shammari

A Non-monotone Adaptive Trust Region Algorithm For Nonlinear Equations
Hong-Wei Liu

An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time-dependent Travel Times
Ping Ji, Yongzhong Wu

Hybrid Quasi-Monte Carlo Method for the Simulation of State Space Models
Hozumi Morohosi

PSPACE-completeness of the Weighted Poset Game
Hiro Ito, Satoshi Takata

A Transitive Reduction Approach to the Precedence-Constrained Knapsack Problem
Byungjun You, Takeo Yamada

The Multi-Level Economic Lot-Sizing Game
Gai-Di Li, Dong-Lei Du, Da-Chuan Xu, Ru-Yao Zhang

Studies on the Heuristic Algorithm for the N-Vehicle Exploration Problem (NVEP)
Ruo-Yang Liu, Huai-Bao Lu, Jin-Chuan Cui, Xiao-Bing Li

An Emergency Evacuation Planning Model using the Universally Quickest Flow
Atsushi Takizawa, Masaki Inoue, Naoki Katoh

Approximate Fenchel-Lagrangian Duality for Constrained Set-Valued Optimization Problems
Hai-Jun Wang, Cao-Zong Cheng, Xiao-Dong Fan

A SVC-based Method to Detect Multi-scalar Noisy Communities in Complex Networks
Jun-Fei Zhao, Jiguang Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Sensitivity Analysis for Wealth Process
Laouar Amel, Boukhetala Kamel

A Regularized Optimization Model for Community Identification in Complex Networks
Yong Wang, Jiguang Wang, Chen Chen, Xiang-Sun Zhang

The Team Orienteering Problem with Capacity Constraint and Time Window
Zhenping Li, Xianman Hu

An Approximation Algorithm For The Stochastic Fault-tolerant Facility Location Problem
Chen-Chen Wu, Da-Chuan Xu, Jia Shu

The Impact of Quality Regulation on the Decisions of a Global Supply Chain
Gang Xie, Wuyi Yue, Shou-Yang Wang

A Flexible Convex Optimization Model for Semi-supervised Clustering with Instance-level Constraints
Xianwen Ren, Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Stochastic Cash Management Problem with Double Exponential Jump Diffusion Processes
Kimitoshi Sato, Atsuo Suzuki

Linear Programming for Portfolio Selection Based on Fuzzy Decision-Making Theory
Hong-Wei Liu

Improved Melanoma Diagnosis Support System Based on Fractal Analysis of Images
Karol Przystalski, Ma\l gorzata Popik, Maciej Ogorza\l ek, Leszek Nowak

A Fuzzy Model of Scenario Planning Based on the Credibility Theory And Fuzzy Programming
Zhong-Guo Shi

Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Social Responsibility of State Grid Corporation of China
Caiqing Zhang, Mengmeng Cao

An assessment study on innovation ability and innovation potentiality for Daqing Oilfield
Huai-Bao Lu, Xiao-Bing Li, Qia Wang, Jin-Xia Chen, Jin-Chuan Cui

Consumer's Optimal Choice on $ l_p$ Commodity Space
Jin-Shan Li, San-qiang Wang, Jia-Rong Gao

Limited Resource Allocation Games With Activation Cost
Fang Xie, Yu-zhong Zhang, Hong-li Zhu

A Similarity Measure for Interval-valued Fuzzy Sets and Its Application in Supporting Medical Diagnostic Reasoning
Hong-Mei Ju, Feng-Ying Wang

Computing an Integer Point in a Class of Polytopes
Chuangyin Dang, Yinyu Ye

Analysis on Employment Conditions of Mining City
Zhou Wang, Wen-Qing Niu

Efficiency Frontier for Chinese Stock Markets under Influence of Financial Crises
An-Guo Wang

Studies on Tenuring Collection Times for a Generational Garbage Collector
Xufeng Zhao, Cunhua Qian, Syouji Nakamura

Analysis of a Two-Phase Queueing System with Impatient Customers and Multiple Vacations
Dequan Yue, Wuyi Yue, Xiuju Li

Absolutely Secure Message Transmission Using a Key Sharing Graph
Yoshihiro Indo, Takaaki Mizuki, Takao Nishizeki

Scheduling Problem with Discretely Compressible Release Dates
Shu-Xia Zhang, Bao-Qiang Fan

Application of Interval-PROMETHEE Method for Decision Making in Investing
Shuanghong Qu, Hua Li, Xiaoli Guo

Multistart Local Search Continuous Global Optimization Method with a Taboo Step and its Condition for Finding the Global Optimum
Hideo Kanemitsu

Multiple Resolution Community Structure Analysis
Shoujun Xu, Jiguang Wang, Junhua Zhang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Fuzzy-ANP based Research on the Risk Assessment of Runway Excursion
Zi-Qi Ju

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