2013 International Conference on Systems Biology (ISB)

Huangshan, China, August 23-25, 2013
Edited by: Luonan Chen, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Ling-Yun Wu, and Yong Wang

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ISBN 978-1-4799-1389-3
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Genetic analysis of leaf expansion trait in Brassica rapa L. ssp. chinensis (L.) Hanelt
Jian-ming Han, Rui-ling Wang, Yan-wei Cheng, Xue-bin Li, Chao-jun He

Dynamical complexity in a predator-preyeco-epidemical system
Min Su, Zhenshan Lin

DMS model Calibration Using Genetic Algorithm
Bo Qu, Albert J. Gabric, JiaoJiao Xi

Mining Disease Associated Biomarker Networks from PubMed
Zhong Huang

Pharmacophores Generation of multiple Anti-inflammatory Targets and Identification of Active Compounds in Chinese herbs
Yanling Zhang, Yuanming Wang, Yanjiang Qiao

Colored Petri Nets for Multiscale Systems Biology -- Current Modeling and Analysis Capabilities in Snoopy
Fei Liu, Monika Heiner, Ming Yang

Prediction of Enzyme Catalytic Sites on Protein Using a Graph Kernel Method
Benaragama V.M.V. Sanjaka, Changhui Yan

Global stability of the SEIR epidemic model with infectivityin both latent period and infected period
Yu Zhang, Ze-Zhu Ren

Tissue Significances Tests on DNA Binding Sequence Motifs for Human Genes
Hua Yu, Xiu-Jun GONG

Subcellular localization prediction of apoptosis proteins based on the data mining for amino acid index database
Zhuo-xing Shi, Qi Dai, Ping-an He, Yu-hua Yao, Bo Liao

Karyotype and evolution analysis of vulerable fish {\it Onychostoma lini} from China
Yinggui Dai

Rank-based interolog mapping for predicting protein-protein interactions between genomes
Yu-Shu Lo, Chun-Chen Chen, Kai-Cheng Hsu, Jinn-Moon Yang

Exploring the interaction patterns in seasonal marine microbial communities with network analysis
Shao-Wu Zhang, Ze-Gang Wei, Chen Zhou, Yu-Chen Zhang, Ting-He Zhang

GPU-Meta-Storms: Computing the similarities among massive microbial communities using GPU
Xiaoquan Su, Xuetao Wang, Jian Xu, Kang Ning

Accelerating Processing Speed in Pathway Research Based on GPU
Bo Liao, Ting Yao, Xiong Li

Hopf bifurcation and Turing instability in a modified Leslie-Gower prey-predator model
Yan Meng, Guangwu Wen, Lequan Min

Dynamical behaviour of an anti-HBV infection therapy model with time-delayed immune response
Xinjian Zhuo, Yongmei Su

A Novel HMM for Analyzing Chromosomal Aberrations in Heterogeneous Tumor Samples
Hong Xia, Yuanning Liu, Minghui Wang, Huanqing Feng, Ao Li

Towards kinetic modeling of metabolic networks with incomplete parameters
Wei Zheng, Xiaomei Zhu, Yongcong Chen, Paohung Lin, Ping Ao

Anti-Cancer Effect of Aloe Emodin on Breast Cancer Cells, MCF-7
Indah Mohd Amin, Siti H. Sheikh Abdul Kadir, Nik Mohd Mazuan Nik Mohd Rosdy, Rosfaiizah Siran, Narimah A. H. Hasani

A Stochastic Simulation Algorithm For Biochemical Reactions With Delays
Pei Wang, Jinhu L\"u, Li Wan, Yao Chen

A Method For Discriminating Native Protein-DNA Complexes From Decoys Using Spatial Specific Scoring Matrices
Wen Cheng, Changhui Yan

Predicting the non-compact conformation of amino acid sequence by particle swarm optimization
Yuzhen Guo, Yong Wang

Meta-Analysis on Gene Regulatory Networks Discovered by Pairwise Granger Causality
Gary Hak Fui Tam, Yeung Sam Hung, Chunqi Chang

Construction of human tissue-specific phosphorylation networks with protein expression data
Yin-Ying Wang, Chenglei Sun, Luonan Chen, Xing-Ming Zhao

A novel discretization method for processing digital gene expression profiles
Jibin Qu, Jinxia Zhang, Chenyang Huang, Baogui Xie, Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Detect taxonomy-specific pathway associations with environmental factors using metagenomic data
Xue Tian, Fuzhou Gong, Shihua Zhang

Anti-rheumatic effects of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F in a network perspective
Haiyang Fang, Tinghong Yang, Yichuan Wang, Yang Ga, Yi Zhang, Weidong Zhang, Jing Zhao

Cell Commitment Motif Composed of progenitor-specific TF and Fate-Decision Motif
Tongpeng Wang, Peipei Zhou, Ruiqi Wang

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