General Information

The 2018 International Conference on Computational Systems Biology (ISB 2018), co-organized by Computational Systems Biology Society of ORSC, Molecular Systems Biology Division of CSBMB, SIBS Guian Bio-Med Big Data Center, Guizhou Normal University School of Life Sciences, Guizhou Science and Technology Information Center will be held in Guiyang, China, August 18-21, 2018. The conference is co-organized and supported by AMSS Bioinformatics Center, CAS Key Laboratory of Computational Biology, CAS Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Functional Genome Informaics and Systems Biology Society of CSCB, Systems Biology Technical Committee of IEEE SMC Society.

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics have become intensive research topics in the recent past decade and attracted great many leading scientists working in Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Optimization, Statistics, and many other mathematical methods have been widely used in the field.

Following the successful ISB conferences series from 2007, the purpose of ISB 2018 is to extend the international forum for scientists, researchers, educators, and practitioners to exchange ideas and approaches, to present research findings and state-of-the-art solutions in this interdisciplinary field, including theoretical methodology development and its applications in biosciences and researches on various aspects of Computational Systems Biology.


The working language of the conference will be English and Chinese.


The selected papers of ISB 2018 will be recommended and published in the special issues on the top journals such as IEEE Transaction on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, BMC Systems Biology, Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, Quantitative Biology.