1. APORC is a research center under the joint guidance of CAS and APORS. The APORC is engaged in carrying out study on fundamental theoretical problems in OR, as well as practical projects. The research topics come from comprehensive and interactive disciplines.

  2. The APORC is affiliated with the CAS and accept the guidance, support and supervision of CAS. With the evaluation of the academic committee, the center's director is full responsible for the research works and academic exchanges.

  3. The chairman of the academic committee of the APORC is appointed by the CAS. The committee members are composed of experts of the OR circles. The full term of the committee is three years. Honorary academic committee members will be composed of world distinguished scholars in the field invited by the chairman.
    The academic committee of APORC is in change of the following works:

    1. To decide the research topics and directions in short and long run periods; to guide the investigations on important theoretical topics and practical projects.
    2. To evaluate the applications and the research achievements.
    3. To guide the academic exchanges, domestic and international.

  4. The director is appointed by the CAS. The term of duty is three years. With the help of an academic secretary of the center, the director is in charge of the daily administrative works. It includes:

    1. To organize and carry out the research projects, and coordinate various activities of the center.
    2. Research budget administration.
    3. Procurement, replacement and administration of facilities of the center.
    4. To organize daily activities, compile technical reports and annual report.
    5. To evaluate the work of the faculty members.

  5. Research projects are managed on a fund basis. Applicants should put forward research applications in August or September each year for the next year's fund. After the approval of the academic committee, the projects will be carried out in the following year by the applicants.

  6. Visiting researchers will do their research work in APORC, using equipment and facilities of the center. The research results achieved in the center will be shared by the center and the author's institution.